The tasks of a doula creates a protected area from pregnancy to childbirth and postpartum.

She provides room for father and mother and fills a possible gap.

She offers emotional and physical support.

She is present even when the delivery takes longer or is more energy-sapping than expected.

She mediates in cases of vagueness, misunderstandings and questions.

She encourages expecting parents to speak up for their own wishes and requests and thereby to stay open-minded for the unexpected turns that life sometimes takes.


A companionship generally includes the following benefits:

  • an introductory meeting
  • two prenatal meetings
  • around the expected birth date, four weeks of 24 hours stand-by duty
  • assistance and care during birth (spontaneous delivery or caesarean section, at the hospital, birth house or at home)
  • one or two postpartum meetings
  • permanent contact person for questions and answers during pregnancy and postpartum

Area: Zurich, Uster, Wetzikon and surroundings

Customized, need-based companionships are of course possible as well.


Great gift idea!

Are you looking for a useful gift for your pregnant partner, daughter, daughter-in-law, or friend? The support of a doula is never too small or too big a gift, it completely matches the needs of the expectant woman and young mother. Please read about my offers and contact me.